How we Started

Amrit Distillery Pvt. Ltd is the first liquor plant in far western part of Nepal, founded in 2050 B.S. as a Private Company registered under Company Act 2021 in Sankhuwasabha district. We then shifted to Belauri Municipality 10 Shivnnagar of Kanchanpur district in 2068 BS. We are the first beverage alcoholic company in far western part of Nepal (province no.7). After we completed the installation of plant, ADPL Started the Commercial production in 2069 BS with own trade mark. We faced many problems in beginning with bad road ways, un-skilled labors and workers in production of brands. Now have succeeded in manufacturing good quality of alcoholic beverages in this competitive yet responsible field. ADL thrives to research, develop, manufacture and market with continuous improvement and professionalism. ADPL creates many opportunities in rural areas too, helping for sustainable development and excellence in their works with company. More than 250 employees and workers mostly women are working with us and our product are sold all over the Nepal with company policy.

We are province no 7’s leading beverage alcohol company with an outstanding portfolio of premium brands which includes vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, amongst others. We are proud of being a responsible Quality producer and marketer of beverage alcohol, and we champion responsible consumption as part of a balanced lifestyle. Amrit Distillery offers wide varieties of best alcoholic products under governed rules with high Quality superior technologies and process. Amrit distillery has over 3000 cartoons per day of production capacity. We have been continuously engaging and persuading distributors, wholesalers and retailers by offering many more scheme and attractive offers from time to time. Every year ADPL has international tour of staff and distributors who achieve their targets given by company. ADPL has been maintaining the international standards bottling plants with automatic and semi auto plants for producing consistent quality products.

Amrit's statement

We thrive in making fine liquor products that enrich the taste&soul.


Our ambition is to create the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer Products Company in province no 7 and over the Nepal . We are restless, always learning, always improving. We constantly set high standards and then try hard to exceed them. We deliver results, win where we compete and celebrate our success.


Promoting responsible consumption of alcohol is at the core of our business. We are a company built and sustained through innovation, which gives us the drive to create new products, new categories and new experiences for consumers, to invent strong brands today and in the future for others to take further we are going to lunching most iconic brands, in 25 up and 30 up in better shapes and Quality its focus on customer satisfaction and profitability.


This is an invitation to people who have a passion for excellence and seek opportunity to explore their skills.

"We thrive to create opporunity, quality products and prosperous nation

Amrit Distillery

Our History

We started a distilling and brewing factory in Sankhuwasabha of east Nepal under the name Amrit Distillery in 1995. Our establishment was under challenging ciercumstances both politically and geographically but we headed on strong

With a vision to grow and achieve more, the factory was turned to large scale operating distillery in Kanchanpur of Far West Nepal. After this, we wanted to improve quailty and recognize ourselves as a brand. So, in 2012, we achieved a Trademark for our products and Amrit Distillery to gain more trust in our consumers.

Till date more than 17 products including liquors, gin, brandy, whiskey etc has been launched with an aim to launch more and provide employment opportunities to thousands.