Message from Amrit Distillery

A New Generation of Liquormakers

Amrit distillery pvt ltd is the first liquer plant in farwestern part of Nepal founded in 2050 bs as a Private Company registered under Company Act 2021 in sankhuwashabha district .and ADPL was Shifted (one plce to another place) in Kanchanpur district Belauri Municipality 10, Shivnnagar Kanchanpur in dated 2068 BS.

We are not just liquor and products but an idea - an idea to improve Nepali distillery culture, an idea to improve employment opportunities for youths and most importantly a determination to improve our quality along with quantity.

Amrit Distillery

Know us Better

We are a leading distillery in Far West Nepal and thrive to become the best all over Nepal with better products, employment opportunities and tourism promotion in Far West Nepal.